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“Childhood is a short season.” – Helen Hayes

As parents, our consensus is that kids grow up too fast. Yesterday, they were crybabies. Today, they are senior high students. Tomorrow, they will be strong adults who are ready to conquer the world. Amidst their fast growth, we ensure to fill our sons and daughters with great memories of a happy childhood. That’s why we often wish to give them a grand kiddie birthday party.  To us, it’s one way of giving them the best and brightest moments. Fortunately, event planners in the Philippines understand our strong sentiments. With them, executing a successful birthday party for our beloved kids is possible minus the stress and hassle.

But before the planning stage, what we first finalize is the birthday theme. For you to find inspiration, here are some theme ideas that your children would surely love.

  1. Enchanted Fairy Forest

    Does your little girl have a passion for fairies, magic and glitters? Does she imagine that she’s a fairy princess? If this sounds like your daughter, consider throwing her a magical fairy party.

For the venue, you can fill it with magical and beautiful elements such as fairies, unicorns, flowers, butterfly and glitters.

Enchanted theme | kiddie party

Make your child the most beautiful fairy queen on her special day. Adorn her with an elegant gown detailed with feathers and glitters. You can also use a pair of wings to make her fairy dream come true.

violet feathered gown | kiddie party

Celebrant's Yellow Gown

Ensure that the life of the party never goes out by preparing a bunch of entertainment. You may hire magicians, dancers and even face paint artists.

Face painting | Enchanted forest themed kiddie party

  1. Hello Kitty

    According to kiddie birthday party planners, one of the most popular theme ideas is Hello Kitty. Well, who wouldn’t love the joy that this playful cat brings? Besides, the combination of red, pink, white and light pastels is truly pleasing to the eyes.

Decorate the venue with countless Hello Kitty arrangements that will wow kids and even the kids-at-heart.

hello kitty | kiddie party

Triple the excitement of your child and guests with parlor games and jolly clowns.

circus clowns | kiddie party

  1. Japan

    If your children are a huge fan of anime and cherry blossoms, throwing them a Japan-themed kiddie party is the best option. Allow your guests to feel the rich culture and art of Japan without the need of leaving the country!

Your venue can be as grand as this:

Kiddie party

To add up to the Japanese authenticity, you can also require your guests to wear kimono.

Celebrant's preparation for japan themed kiddie party

Ensure that there are no dull moments by adding interactive booths and intermission numbers.

japan themed kiddie party

Taiko drum dance at japan themed kiddie party

  1. Star Wars

    Our children have their own favorite movies and TV shows. They often pretend as a superhero, a celebrity or a cartoon character. Their imagination is near limitless so think about making their dreams come true. Just like this Star Wars themed birthday party, you can double the happiness of your children with the use of elements from their favorite show!

star wars theme | kiddie party

Those are some of the kiddie birthday party ideas that you can use for your child’s special day. Remember, no matter what your child wants, it’s always possible with the help of a reliable event planner and of course, your love.