A.L. Signature Events Management creates valuable and meaningful experiences through planned events that define both heart and mind where passion, knowledge, skills, talent, and purpose come together.

Ailen Lim

Ailen Lim is the owner and professional event planner of A.L. Signature Events Management. She is a full-time event planner and expert in her field who draws on her impressive educational and professional experience to deliver an exceptional service to her clients. She provides all throughout hands-on approach to each client. She has 8 years plus of experience in creating one of a kind events in the Philippines. She took event management courses at most prestigious schools in the United States headed by certified special event professionals and industry leaders in the field of special events. She also attended a seminar conducted by Dr. Joe Goldblatt, an event leader.

Criz Lim

Christopher Lim aka Criz is one of the owners of A.L. Signature Events and the husband of Ailen Lim. He provides assistance during development, pre-production and production of events. He is responsible for the on-the-day execution of events and ensures that what was planned will be executed as is. He is also one of the lead event designers of A.L. Signature Events.

A.L. Signature Events

A.L. Signature Events Management is a full event management service tailored to your specific needs. It provides complete event management services and execute the event leadership process that is the standard of special events industry worldwide which provides and create truly valued event experience that meet your goals and objectives and exceed the expectations of your attendees. A.L. Signature Events limit number of events annually so that quality of your event would not suffer. It is supported by professional vendors that are evaluated and selected for the event projects accordingly. A.L. Signature Events provides you with the greatest value for money. It presents elements and resources that is connected and conformed to planned event and design then executes it in safe environment to meet the successful outcome and satisfaction.

Our Team

Meet the competent event staff who will help accomplish your event!

A.L. Signature Events Team
A.L. Signature Events Team

Golden Globe Annual Awards For Business Excellence Manila, Philippines 2017

A.L. Signature Events Management
Best Event Planner Solutions Specialist

Ailen A. Lim
Golden Globe Annual Awards For Filipino Achiever 2017
Outstanding and Significant Achievement In Events Management

Event Specialist of the Year Global Award Winner 2017

Luxury Travel Guide (LTG) London, United Kingdom
Asia and Australasia Awards 2017 Winner


Through dedication, passion and hard work in her chosen career, Ailen Lim is now Certified in Special Events Planning, Certified in Wedding Planning and Certified in Wedding and Event Design. She provides great personal service to each client and meet expectations of the attendees of the event. She always implements the knowledge that she had mastered to add value to the lives she touches as she creates events and celebrations. She transforms ordinary occasions into unforgettable “signature” events.

You Are Important To Us.