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“Don’t be afraid of your fears. They’re not there to scare you. They’re there to let you know that something is worth it.” – C. Joybell

Couples often overthink the idea of making their wedding journey as smooth and as perfect as possible. However, wedding planning isn’t easy. It involves too many details to be attended such as the venue, gowns, foods and more. The process also requires a lot of decision-making, coordination, and execution. Hence, pre-wedding jitters set in.

Pre-wedding jitters are the pressure, stress, and anxiety that brides and grooms often feel before tying the knot. According to wedding coordinators in Manila, pre-wedding jitters are pretty common. It’s normal for couples to strive hard to make their wedding special and seamless. After all, people only get to marry the right person once.

If you’re also feeling all those pressure, stress, and anxiety, here’s what you can do to calm your nerves and ease your wedding planning:

  1. Prepare early.

Time management is the key. The longer the preparation, the greater the wedding is.

When you prepare in advance, it gives you more time to fix any unforeseen obstacles. Plus, it reduces stress. Isn’t it that when you are ready, you are also confident? It also saves you time as early preparation reduces wedding errors and prevents re-work. Here’s an example of a wedding planning timeline to help you organize your activities:

Prepare early

  1. Hire a wedding coordinator.

Have someone who you trust completely to handle things on your behalf. This person will monitor the entire process of your wedding (such as finalizing all the details of the wedding day and handling ceremony coordination and decor setup). You can hire a professional wedding coordinator from Manila to be your point person. He/she will keep you organized, guide you through the design process and offer expert advice on proper wedding etiquette. Your coordinator will ensure that everything will go smoothly to make you and your partner feel stress-free.

hire a wedding coordinator

  1. Be open to your partner.

All final decisions are yours and your partner’s. Make sure to listen and speak about your SO’s ideas. You must spend time reflecting on your wedding choices. After all, weddings are always focused on both bride and groom.

be open to your partner

  1. Give yourself a few “wedding-free” days.

Wedding planning can be overwhelming. Relax. Take some time off from wedding planning. Go out of town, spend time with your family or do yoga together. Just enjoy your time with your fiancé. Strengthen your emotional connection with each other to fight anxiety.

give yourself a few wedding-free days

  1. Focus on planning your marriage (rather than just your wedding).

Don’t get too caught up with the idea of tying the knot. Your wedding is only the beginning of your lifelong adventure with your loved one. You still have a long way to go. Make your mind wander on the bigger picture. Thinking about your marriage goals can help you reframe what this wedding planning is all about.

focus on planning your marriage

As professional wedding coordinators in Manila say, it is important to know how to manage your pre-wedding jitters to ensure that you’ll have a successful wedding. Practice the five (5) ways above to harmonize the pressure, stress, and anxiety with your emotion and expectations.