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Organizing a party for your baby’s first birthday is exciting but tedious work. You have to think of a date that is convenient for your guests, choose a venue that is accessible to all, decide on and properly execute the party theme, make a guest list family and friends and so on. And that’s only during the preparation stage.

Come actual birthday and you’ll find yourself too stressed that you can’t enjoy your baby’s special day anymore. That’s why you need a birthday party planner guide to keep yourself from getting buried in the pile of tasks and missing out some important things.

We know your dilemma, and we know the solution you need. Below is a must-have birthday party planner checklist of things to do before, during, and after your baby’s big day.


Before Baby’s Birthday


2 months before

  • Set Date & Time.

Midweek or holidays are big no-nos. Set the time on your baby’s playtime and not during his naptime. Keep the party short, for about 2-3 hours will do.

  • Create a Guest List

Start from the ones closest to you, both for immediate family and friends. Then, think of those who live in far-flung areas.

  • Decide the Party Theme

Throw a memorable party with an epic party theme. You can go for TV character-themed or fairy tale—both are popular birthday party themes for kids. Consider the party venue when deciding on this.

  • Decide on the Venue

Should you celebrate at home or not? Indoors or outside? If it’s going to be at a venue, make sure to book it months before your baby’s 1st birthday; if outdoors, make sure it’s at a season when rain is sparse.

  • Set a Budget

Include in your party planner checklist how much are you willing to spend for this party. Strictly stick with it!


1 month before

  • Send Out Invitations

Make creative invitations that fits the theme. Don’t forget to include RSVPs!

  • Plan Your Menu

Create a list of what you want to serve on your table. Consider your guests and ask if anyone has food allergies.

  • Order a Birthday Cake

Schedule pick up a day or hours before the birthday.

  • Plan the Decorations

Include your tablewares and party supplies. Get enough for your guests.

  • Decide on Your Baby’s Outfit

Especially if you’re going for a themed party!

  • Select the Party Games

Ready two to three party games to keep your guests entertained.


3 weeks before

  • Ask Help from Family & Friends

This is key to pulling off a successful birthday party that should be on your planner checklist.

  • Shop for Supplies

Prepare a list on what to buy: decoration, party bags, tablewares, party prizes, cleaning products, etc. Don’t forget to include thank you cards which you can use after the party!


2 weeks before

  • Shop for Baby’s Outfit & Gift

This is the time to hunt for theme-perfect outfit! Also, don’t forget to buy your baby’s birthday gift.

  • Compile Music Playlist

Keep the event fun and lively with children party music. Make sure your playlist is child-appropriate, too.

  • Create the Party’s Program

Develop a fun program. Include in the plan the time for party activities, games, and food.


1 week before

  • Finalize RSVPs

Get a final headcount and follow up on guests who haven’t responded yet.

  • Prepare the Party Bags

Put in some goodies in the party bags and label them accordingly.

  • Create a Cooking Schedule

Determine which of the menu can be prepared ahead of time and make sure any of the food won’t spoil come the big day!

  • Baby-proof Your Venue

Safety first! Clear the venue of open plug sockets, sharp objects, and breakable items.


1 day before

  • Purchase last-minute supplies

Shop for remaining food and equipment including perishable goods such as ice

  • Set the Decorations

Start arranging tables and displays, especially large ones.

  • Ready Your Baby’s Outfit

You wouldn’t want looking for missing shoes on your baby’s actual birthday, right? Prepare everything a day before your baby’s 1st birthday!

  • Finish as Much Cooking as You Can

Prepare the party menu that can be frozen and re-heatrf the next day. Make sure to chill the drinks as well.

  • Charge Your Gadgets

Ensure your phone and camera are fully charged for tomorrow’s event.

  • Take One More Look at Your Guest List

You wouldn’t want to miss out anyone, right? This is the perfect time to re-check your guest list off your party planner checklist.

  • Sleep Early

Tomorrow will be a long day. Get plenty of rest!


During Baby’s Birthday

  • Finesse the Party Decorations

Inflate and arrange the balloons, set up table, play the music, turn on the lights, etc.

  • Prepare Last-Minute Food & Refreshments

Keep your party menu fresh by preparing them one to two hours before guests arrive.

  • Pick Up the Cake

Take someone along with you to hold the cake especially if you are driving.

  • Designate a Gift Area

Make sure it’s obvious for the guests where they will leave their gifts.

  • Take Photos

Capture baby’s outfit before the guests arrive. Don’t forget to take photos of your guests and the cake, too!


After Baby’s Birthday

  • Clean Up

Do this right after the guests leave the party.

  • Send Out Thank You Cards

Handwritten thank you cards with party photos are most appreciated!


Now, you’ll never have to stress anymore. Save or print this birthday party planner checklist and get ready for your baby’s first birthday!